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First National Bank & Trust Co. offers a wide variety of cards including debit cards with our checking accounts, Prepaid Debit Cards for pre-loading as well as personal and business credit cards through our partner The Banker’s Bank.

For more information about our cards, contact one of our professional bankers. 

Gift Cards


Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, anniversary or “just because,” our FNB gift cards make the perfect gift.  Our VISA gift cards allow your friends and loved ones to choose what they will purchase and when.  And, they are offered year-round, not just at holidays.

Safe Deposit Box


If you have documents or personal belongings that may need protection from loss by fire, theft, flood, tornado or other disasters you may want to consider a safe deposit box. Boxes are located in the vault at our branches and come in a variety of sizes.



With E-statements, you can view and PRINT your monthly statements online for FREE. Click here to read the eStatement Agreement.

Click here to enroll in our online services and sign up for e-statements.

Online Bill Pay


Online Bill Pay makes paying your bills easy - without the time and hassle! Use our Online Bill Pay to:

  • Set up vendor names, amounts and payment dates in order to make automatic payments or make payments each month at your convenience
  • Create reminders to make payments
  • Send confirmations once the payment is sent
  • Manage bills and view history of payments daily

Bill Pay is free for First Choice/First Choice Plus account holders - all other accounts are charged a monthly fee of $3.95.

If you are interested in online bill pay, click "enroll" in the top right hand corner at

There you will find an Electronic Disclosure Consent Statement. In order to enroll, you must click the check box and “agree.”  You will also need to read the Internet Banking and Bill Pay Consent Statement, then click the check box and “agree” to continue.

Once you have agreed to the disclosure and consent, fill out the Online Internet Banking Enrollment form.  When you have finished, your information will be securely sent to our customer service department.  It will take approximately 24-48 hours to receive the confirmation e-mail that enrollment is complete.

When you have received an email confirmation from us that your enrollment is complete,  you may begin using this service by logging in at the top right hand corner at with your user name and password every time, to access your account information via the Internet. Online will allow you to:


  • Click here to enroll in our online services and sign up for Bill Pay.
Remote Deposit Capture


The Remote Deposit Capture service we offer provides you with the capability to image-capture check payments at your business location and electronically deliver the images for deposit into your accounts at FNB.

No more trips to the bank or paying couriers to do the job for you. No matter the size of your business or the size of your payment volume, our software makes the process simple. Place the checks through the scanner and watch each paper check convert into an electronic image, resulting in an electronic deposit into your account. With Remote Deposit Capture from First National Bank & Trust Co., we're bringing the bank to you.

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