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Whether you own a business or are a business professional, your income and financial security are closely tied to the success of your company or practice. As your business changes and grows, so do your needs for banking services. Our relationship bankers are committed to working with you to discover and decide the banking products and services you need to achieve your vision of business success.

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 AccountsNew Horizon Small Business CheckingBusiness Checking Regular Business Checking Now First Business Checking Non-Profit Checking 

Minimum Opening Balance






Monthly Service Fee

$6.00 - Customer receives reductions in the fee for participating in discount opportunities. 

There are some varied fees associated with this account.

$10.00 - There are additional fees with this account. 

If the balance for this account falls below $5,000 at any time in the statement cycle with no more than 250 transactions, a service charge of $25 will be assessed. If a balance remains about $5,000 during the statement cycle with no more than 250 transactions, there is no service charge. 



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Money Market

Our First National Bank & Trust Co. Money Market Account allows our customers to maximize their earnings by taking advantage of higher interest rates with liquidity and check-writing privileges.


FNB offers a variety of certificates of deposit ranging from 3- to 48-month terms. Interest rates are updated periodically and are fixed for the term of the CD once the specific option is chosen.

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Money Concepts

For our customers seeking investment counsel, FNB offers the services of Kerry Cox, with Money Concepts, an international financial planning network.

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