Business Lending

By making it our business to know yours, the expert and highly responsive loan department at First National Bank and Trust Co. can advise you of the financial tools available to grow your business.

Commercial Loans


Accounts Receivable/Business Operations Loan
Assistance in covering small expenses, financing receivables and balancing cash fluctuations.

Equipment/Fixtures Loan
Credit for the expansion of facilities, purchase of equipment and fixtures, etc.

Commercial Real Estate Loan
Designed to finance the construction of a new office or building, purchase of leased property or provide the opportunity to refinance an existing commercial real estate loan.

Aviation Loan
Finance a new or used aircraft. Refurbish or upgrade an existing aircraft.

Agriculture Loan
Loans to assist with annual operating costs, upgrading or replacing equipment, capital improvements to your operation, or expansion.

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Larry Briggs

  Larry Briggs; (405) 275-8830

  NMLS 583231

Randy Waters

  Randy Waters; (405) 275-8830

  NMLS 492942

Jim Kirby

  Jim Kirby; (405) 275-8830

  NMLS 583238

Belinda Collins

  Belinda Collins; (405) 275-8830

  NMLS 1525521


  Kayla Woody; Loan Assistant 

  NMLS 1179710



 Drew Addams

  Drew Adams; (405) 379-3902

  NMLS 469228 

Pam Venable

  Pam Venable; Loan Assistant

  NMLS 1448927 



Rafael Santos

  Rafael Santos; (580) 536-8800

  NMLS 762200



Dale Clayton

 Dale Clayton; (580) 782-3365 or (580) 535-4848

  NMLS 1399901

Whitney Snow

 Whitney Snow; Loan Assistant

  NMLS 1102379



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