Business Online and Telephone Banking

Online Banking


Our free online banking allows you to conduct your banking business 24 hours a day, seven days a week using our secure website.  It provides you easy access to your accounts and allows you to do your banking business when you need to without time constraints or limits.  Online banking also allows you to reduce your risk of identity theft by limiting the amount of paper and information available to those who may seek to do harm or rob you of your sense of well-being and security.

How does online banking work?  First, you need an account with FNB.  If you do not have an account, one of our personal banking professionals can assist you with opening one and enrolling in online banking.

Features of Online Banking


Account Overview

With our account overview option, you can see

  • FNB accounts
  • Balances
  • Statements and check images 
  • Transactions

Planning Tools

  • Group your transactions into categories and generate reports tracking how much you spend for each category. A great budgeting and tax preparation tool! 
  • Set alerts on your account.  For example, you can set an alert to contact you when a deposit is made to your account. A wide variety of alerts are available so that you can customize this tool.

Account Transactions

  • Pay bills electronically, either one-time or as recurring each month. You can also schedule a reminder to let you know when it is time to pay particular bills. Save postage costs and ensure your payments are made on time. 
  • Set up direct deposit to your employees' accounts. Other people or companies can pay you electronically as well.
  • Transfer money from one account to another, including transfers to or from accounts at other banks. You can set automatic transfers from one account to another.
  • Stop payment on checks or payment transactions when necessary.

Account Management

  • Change contact information
  • Report lost or stolen credit/debit cards
  • Send secure messages to your account and receive them from us
  • Inquire about other services that may be of interest to you

Enroll Now

            Click here to enroll in our online banking services. 

Telephone Banking


In addition to our free online banking services, First National Bank & Trust Co. has designed a telephone banking service that offers you account access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as well. This service gives you the ability to:

  • Determine the balance of your account(s)
  • Obtain a listing of transactions (checks, deposits or both)
  • Receive a faxed copy of your statement
  • Make transfers from one of your accounts to another

And the best part of this service is there is no cost to you! Telephone banking is just another service offered by FNB to make banking more convenient.

To activate access to your account(s) using this innovative and convenient telephone banking service, simply contact the Personal Banking Professional at your local branch or at any of our convenient locations.

If the FIRST TELECHECK service has already been activated for your account(s), you may begin using the telephone banking service by calling (888) 640-8934.

Contact One of Our Business Account Professionals


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